Intimate Paris for all

Another Paris' blue little train is the ideal way of discovering the life and heritage of Parisians without the hassle.

Advantage n°1: Outside the major roads

You want to discover another Paris ?

The blue little train takes you outside the major roads, to the little streets where coaches cannot go.

Advantage n°2: Complete tour of a district

You are looking to get to know new districts in Paris ?

The blue little train gives you a guided tour of several districts, ideal for understanding their history and everyday life, and to pick out the areas you'd like to return to!

Advantage n°3: Panorama without the fatigue

Make yourself comfortable in the little train.

Sitting on comfortable seats, let yourself be taken on a trip at the height of windows and passersby. Totally glazed and closed in winter, the little train protects you from bad weather.

Advantage n°4: From 0 to 99 years

The little train is accessible to groups and individuals.

It welcomes families with a pushchair. It can also take on board two wheelchairs with the help of the driver (see details disabled public). Comments, broadcast by earphones, are available in French (adult version, junior version), English, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Advantage n°5: Respectful of the residents and the environment